Kobenz is an alternative hip hop artist from Minneapolis, MN. He began his musical career in June of 2020, following a brief stay in a psychiatric hospital, that was caused by a traumatic relationship with a  mentally ill partner. During his road to recovery, Kobenz began writing poetry as a means of therapy. Kobenz, wanted to confront his deepest emotional pain, and embrace it rather than pretend it never happened. His first song and self-titled debut single, Kobenz, was released in August of 2020. Kobenz is best known for his song Gothbxch. It received critical acclaim for its raw authenticity, and has garnered tens of thousands of streams, radio play, and has grabbed the attention of multiple brands, blogs, and celebrities. With his music, Kobenz hopes to shed light on the importance of mental health awareness and his message that, you shouldn’t feel bad for being yourself. He has recently signed Gothbxch to major record label Blanco y Negro, and he will be releasing his new song Sour Lemon, an official remake of the 2004 Billboard hit “Lemon”.

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